How do I find some part-time work?


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One idea would be to use LinkedIn to search for recruiters in your area. I think it's a cool way to ask around for part-time work because it shows a bit of initiative and creativity...

Here are the some pointers:

  1. Make your LinkedIn profile look badass. Be interesting, choose a good picture, and make your experience sound as relevant as possible to the kind of work you're hunting for.
  2. Contact as many people as you can. It really is a numbers game. Not everyone will get back to you, but they will certainly remember you... So even if they're not recruiting right at this minute, they'll have you in mind as soon as a vacancy comes along.
  3. Make the most of less competition.
    When a recruiter posts an ad on a job listing site, lots of people tend to apply for the job, making it difficult to get noticed.
    If you start the conversation, you're not competing against anyone.
  4. Be real. Copying and pasting the same default cover letter is boring. Sure, have a CV ready to forward if requested to... But 2-3 custom lines that show genuinely show you care about the job you are applying for are far more valuable than a long email that is clearly not custom to the role you're applying for.

Good luck!

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Finding the part-time work is
not a difficult task to perform. You can get the work of your interest by
relying on some source. Here are a few things which will help you find work.

üYou should ask your friends,
family, relative, neighbors etc. If they know about any vacancy available.

üStay active on social media
because many people post vacancies on the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

üVisit nearby restaurants,
retail store etc. To find work that can make you earn some extra money.

üThe online job portals such
as Monster India are the best source to catch the sights of part-time jobs. You
just have to create a profile and upload an updated resume.

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