What Is The Difference Between Monitoring And Supervision?


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Fundamentally both words mean exactly the same thing, though monitoring might denote more responsibility. The former word comes from the Latin 'monere' meaning to warn or advise, the latter from 'super-videre' meaning to watch over. Webster's Dictionary defines supervision as "the action, process, or occupation of supervising, a critical watching and directing (as of activities or a course of action)"; for monitoring, the definition is "to watch, keep track of, or check usually for a special purpose". Monitoring can be seen to be more specific in being aware of one particular matter, therefore. Often in American schools there exist milk monitors or hall monitors, who themselves may be placed under adult supervision, denoting how physically the adult is taller than the child. At some British schools monitors act as ambassadors of the school, setting an example to younger cohorts, while again they are themselves under supervision. In department stores, speaking to the supervisor will denote an employee who is stuck on a customer enquiry directing him or her to a more senior employee who has extra responsibilities while not directly monitoring the routine of the junior worker. In essence, though, both words mean the same and are to be treated accordingly.
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Monitoring mostly used for system and projects attribution but supervision is mostly used for people. Supervision covers in overseeing the persons at any job or casual overall supervision but Monitoring is vouching their jobs and advising them, rectifying mistakes if any. Another good example of monitoring vouching is free time tracking software that can be downloaded from the web.

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According to me difference between supervision and monitoring are as following:

1. Supervision is done by supervisor and monitoring is done by monitor.
2. Supervision is for long time duration and monitoring is for sort time.
3. Supervision is wider term which includes monitoring but monitoring don't includes supervision.
4. In supervision there is more people touch (care) then monitoring.

Supervision is mostly used for people and monitoring mostly used for system and projects. Example - we monitor systems and not supervise them.

5. Responsibility of supervisor is much wider then monitor. For mistake of employee supervisor is accountable but same is not the case in monitor.

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