What Is Difference Between Administration,management And Supervision?


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Administration can be defined as the science of determining the objectives and policies of an organization. Management can be defined as the act of putting the policies and objectives of the business organization into practice.

Supervision and management go together. A supervisor is someone who oversees the work; whereas the manager is someone who oversees as well as handles everything.

Administration is a determinative function. Management is an executive function. Supervision is checking if the work is done properly by all the workers.

Administration departments handle company finances. For the success of any firm, it is necessary to plan and fix objectives. Administration frames the long term and short term goals of the business firm. The objectives framed by administration can be fulfilled only if the management is capable of putting all the plans into practice.

Plans can be made on paper; however, fulfilling them needs expert managers. As such, managers, if talented, can work wonders in getting the work done. The task of executing the policies and objectives is given to the managers. It's difficult for one manager to oversee the work of thousands of workers. Hence, managers assign the duty of supervision to senior workers or in large organization, to assistants or deputy managers or first line managers.

The role of a supervisor is to ensure that work assigned by the manager gets done properly and on time. In case of any problem, the manager handles the situation as supervisor has limited authority.


  • For growth of an organization, it's necessary that administration, management and supervision work hand in hand. There should be co-ordination, support and excellent communication between these three departments.
  • Administration can make policies depending on the successful fulfillment of objectives by the management.
  • Management can progress further based on the plans made by administration.
  • Efficient supervision helps in achieving targets given by management.

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