Do you think wait-staff should get to keep their own tips or should they have to pool them to be divided equally among everyone?


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In a sit down restaurant, keep your own. That way those that work hard to get them keep them and those that slack don't get money from other's hard work. Some place like a coffee shop they should be split. The person at the register is receiving the tips but the barista is doing all the work. 

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Keep their own. There is always someone that isn't going to pull their weight, plus some might get special tips from friends. Etc.

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As a customer who always goes to a restaurant wanting to leave a huge tip.  I base my tip on the service I receive from my server.  If by chance the chef makes a mistake or just does a bad job, that doesn't effect the amount of tip I will leave.  By the same token, if I get barely adequate service or bad service , my tip will reflect that.  That said, with good service I'll leave a 30% tip...outstanding service will get 50 - 60%.    My concern is, if they abolish tipping and pay servers higher hourly wages, I have to wonder what kind of service they will provide then.

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If one is a really great server there are really good restaurants at which they can make amazing money in tips. In my town there's this very upscale place called Venchinzos. I've been there just a had full of times as it is very expensive. The food is amazing and they have service to match. I've talked to a couple of servers from there. Both have been there for years and say they can easily make $200.00 to $300.00 in tips during the week, and much more then that on weekends. Even some middle of the road kind of places, a server can clear $500.00 or $600.00 in tips a week.
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I think individual servers should keep their own tips. Many people including myself tip based on performance of how a paticular person does. I don't like the idea that someone slacking could go home with the same amount of pay as someone going above and beyond in their job. 

I feel that being a server is one of those jobs where your performance is instantly graded and that is relative only to the person performing the job; not the entire group.

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According to my humble opinion all the waiter or waitress staff should have their own tips, there are no need of pool for such task..

There are a easy tip calculator free through which you can easily came to know split the tip and all the bill amount among the given number of people.

Good luck!!

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