Would you rather work at a job that A) pays 150k base salary working 40-50 hours a week including take-home work or B) pays 400k working 70-100 hours a week while being on-call 24/7 and have high amounts of stress?


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Neither, time with my loved ones is worth more to me than any job. I do just fine with 36 hours a week, no on call and no work from home. I'd never take a job like you're suggesting, I want a life!

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Choice "a" every time. What use is earning lots of money if you have no opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labors? Low stress and free time are unpaid benefits, and are vital to our health and sanity. What good is money without those?

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I'd have to choose option A. I always enjoy coming home and being with my wife. I'd hate to lose that just for money. Best of luck to you.

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I would choose b

I would work for 5-10 years and retire .

Most work 30-35 years before they can retire.

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DDX Project
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Yeah, a lot of people would say that. But so far 90% of the time that's not the case. It's unfathomable now, but once you get going you can't really stop. All of a sudden you have a trophy wife that demands a vacation home in Cancun. Then you have two kids that requires summer camp and then private school tuition. Then when it's college time, you didn't spend all that money so your kids go to some bottom tier university. Ivy League it is. And just goes on and on where you won't survive if you start making less.

That's just what I observe from my friends.
Sheldon  Cooper
Sheldon Cooper commented
Your probably right,
If I were 21 again and had the chance , I would be set .
Cause I think I could make it work . ( if I knew then what I know now )
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I would prefer to work 40–50 hours per week and get paid
150k. I like the fact that I will be able to continue at home, as I do not have
to be hassled about completing all the tasks at the office. I do not like to be

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