Just looking for advice. How can someone who is almost 30 and never had a job get one? I have been applying


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When you apply for those minimum wage jobs, there's usually one of those personality quizzes. What you should do is lie when you click on the bubbles to make yourself seem like a suitable candidate. Like if it asks you "It's okay to avoid small safety regulations if you can get the job done quicker" You would mark HIGHLY DISAGREE. OSHA fines cost more than what they pay the typical employee.

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You need to build a resume. What have you done? Did you go to college? Perhaps you could work a minimum wage job and/or intern somewhere to get experience. Volunteering always looks good on a resume. There's plenty of things you could be doing but without knowing more about you it's hard to say. There's no quick solution if that's what your asking. 

You're late to the game of life and you have to build yourself up.

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Firstly make a resume and mention your academic Qualification, Professional Qualification and work experience.Be confident and apply for a job.

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