Is your current job or career what you wanted to do your whole life? If not why not?


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dragonfly forty-six Profile

Nope. I never knew what I wanted to do. I did know that I wasn't going to stop at just one profession. So far I've had a few different professions. I am currently thinking about pursuing another. I love the thought that I can do different things.

Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

As I'm retired now from the Automotive business , I just work for blurtit and beta-test games for Slitherine/Matrix games and I wish I could have done that a long time ago. So those are my current careers I guess and I enjoy them both very much.

Jann Nikka Profile
Jann Nikka answered

I wanted to be a Scientist was not encouraged.

Later an Accountant, I tried many times too dumb and stupid.

I ended up in Collections/Customer Service and Auto Finance.

Worked out very good since I'm friendly and talkative.

Levi F. Profile
Levi F. answered

No, I don't want to work in the campus bookstore my whole life. This is just to earn some money and have something to put on a resume. I'm also a tutor and hopefully someday I will be a teacher, as that's the only thing I can really see myself enjoying.

otis campbell Profile
otis campbell answered

Well i was a auto mechanic. Now im a broken down old moonshiner making shine for everyone here at blurtit. Memorial day flavors are cranberry and bluberry shine

Zack -  Mr. GenXer Profile

The only way I'm going to get the career I want is if I have a degree in psychology which I don't have.

Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

I'm currently retired and I work hard at relaxing. It's something that I worked my whole life for, now it's time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Darik Majoren Profile
Darik Majoren answered


Situations and Circumstances arise, and we react as we must to survive. A mortgage, Children, and life dictate exactly the choices that were available to me.

Nicole Ashley Profile
Nicole Ashley answered

No, I wanted to be an X-ray tech but needed to upgrade courses to be accepted. I thought I would go to school for a year of office admin first before upgrading, since computer skills always come in handy. I ended up working as a legal assistant haha. Might consider going back to college soon though.

John Doe Profile
John Doe answered

I just sort of progressed into being a nurse....I worked as an EMT but didn't like the 24hr shifts so I started working as a certified nursing assistant while I tried to get into nursing through school and became a nurse. I've been a nurse now for 21 really loooong years! I'd really like to work with animals though, they don't talk!

Kristen Storm Profile
Kristen Storm answered

Not at all. I'm a receptionist at a hair salon at the moment but am working at getting my law degree and then on to my dream career :)

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