If Texas and California secede from the U.S. , what do you think might happen? They do have the right to do that if they feel the Federal government isn't working in their best interests.


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texas has been talking about this since i was a kid. The problem with texas is taxes would go sky hi on property owners and their already complaining. Because the prisons are no longer self sustaining and they have to receive federal money

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otis campbell
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california has smarter politicians and people than texas we have alot of back woods people here. i doubt it would last a week before they would cry to the feds to help them out. and the the laws they would try to change would start arguements like the recent overturn of their abortion rights here in tx made it almost impossible for women to have a abortion
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I'm reading a book about all this right now and it has a lot of good points. Interesting book! Liberty's Last Stand.
Walt O'Reagun
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Hey, Rooster ... Have you read "Hope" (from JPFO.org)? If not, I think you'd enjoy it.
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There are so many things that would have to happen for the states to succeed. They've got to get their ducks in a row to make this happen correctly.

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If Obama stayed in office for any reason, there'd be a revolution in the US.
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That's what that book I'm reading is about.
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Maybe there needs to be a revolution it seems many people are unhappy about the state of government. The Peoples "Freedoms" are gradually becoming less and less.
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When Quebec voted on leaving Canada, I thought of a few problems

What would you use for money?  Would the US cut you off the power grid?  You would need an army and navy. Could you afford it?

How long before you had passports so people could leave and return?  Which brings up airlines.. Would they continue to serve your country?

And pensions/old age security etc. Would the money be transferred over to your state from the feds?

Many problems!!

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I consider this a worthwhile read:


To me this is like the Rapture---if I'm there at the time, I deal with the cards I'm dealt.

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I can't see this ever happening.  People who are complaining about wanting to do that have probably not thought about all of the ramifications of doing so.  It's just like young kids wanting to leave home and then realizing they had it better with Mom and Dad.

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Barb Cala
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I guess he can do that. I just don't think states breaking off will solve all they're wanting to solve. Many state governments are barely functioning ... they depend on federal assistance. I'm from IL ... it's always without a budget .. no money. No way they could make it on their own.
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But California and Texas both have balanced and money budgets.
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This may pair well with your book:

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An interesting aside ...

From what I've been hearing on NPR, the politicians in Britain who pushed for an exit from the EU - they really didn't want it to happen.  They just wanted a platform to gain more power.  Now, nobody knows what to do since the people voted to exit ... Since the politicians REALLY didn't want it, they didn't think it would REALLY happen and didn't make any plans for it.

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It would be interesting to see what would happen politically. You would be removing huge populations out of the polls, and therefore from the House of Representatives. One state is a liberal power player and the other a conservative. Hmmm.

If you remember back to 1982, Key West seceded because the border patrol blockaded US 1, the only road going into the Keys. They tried all the legal routes to remove the blockade. When nothing was done, they seceded and became the Conch Republic. The first at they did after seceding was apply for a foreign aid grant from the US. Here is a link that explains in greater detail.


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they would be brought back into the union post haste

neither of these states, regardless of what they may believe or want you to believe, have the right to secede from the union


some quora answers on the subject

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He mixes piles of known facts about our current administration in and makes it super good.
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I'll look it up on amazon
Rooster Cogburn
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I've read every one of his books from The Flight of the Intruder and this one is his best. It's so believable , it's scary. We all know our fine President wants to stay in office .

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