I am an orphan, I have finished my graduation. What can I do?


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I'm wondering if this is a serious question.  I've never heard anyone say they have "finished graduation" and what does graduation have to do with being an orphan?  You complete your education so that you can get a job and support yourself.

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get a job go to college

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I realize that in many cases once someone who is in a system such as foster care in the US, finish school and are 18 are just left to fend for themselves. You have to get a job. You should also go talk to someone at social services to help you find a place to live and maybe get food stamps until you can provide for yourself.

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I found a job right out of high school.  The day after high school graduation, I departed for the Naval training Center in San Diego for boot camp.  Steady job and it gave me a chance to learn some skills and mature.  One of the best moves I've made in my life. 

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Barb Cala
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The Navy is a great branch! My son was in the Navy and it was wondering training and experience. NOT EASY though.

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