How Can I Write My CV To A Pharmaceutical Company As I Am A Newly Graduated Pharmacist?


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Your CV should have following points

  1. Personal informations (Name, Father name, NIC number, marital status, date of birth, place of birth with country name. Number of Dependants.)
  2. Contact information (Address, email, phone, mobile, fax)
  3. Career objective
  4. Educational background (Last qualification with grade and institution name first)
  5. Experience (Previous if any)
  6. Skills (Computer, Selling skills, negotiation skills etc)
  7. Languages (Which you can speak, read and write)
  8. Territorial Knowledge (Knowledge about areas where you can work)
  9. References. (Peoples who know you)
You can make CV like this and post it along with covering letter.
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If you are putting your CV in a drug company as a pharmacist, you need to consider following points while writing CV. Firstly, give your personal information including your name, Father name, date of birth, NIC number, marital status, place of birth. Secondly, give your contact information including address, email, phone, mobile and fax. Thirdly, write your career objective and then educational background. Fourthly, mention your experience in the relevant or other fields. Moreover, highlight your skills, interests, language and references.

Get more help by viewing sample CV of Pharmacist: CV of Pharmacist
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You can write your CV in number of formats. There are thousands of templates available online.

No matter for what position you are going to apply (pharmacist or software engineer), a simple CV starts from your contact and personal information followed by education, professional qualifications, awards, certifications, workshops, memberships, interests etc.

For details about the CV and sample CV formats, visit this link
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