I have a job that I don't like but my mom tells me at least I have a job but its something I just don't feel happy about. What should I do? I want a different job but my parents won't let me work any place else.


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Meegan, if I remember correctly, you're of age and an adult, so why are your parents having input as to what job you have? You should do what pleases you....as long as it puts food on your table and pays your bills no one should have any input but you.

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You will have this problem often, Megan, and it will all work out. Remember this: Just do the best job you can while you have this job and strive to learn something new you can take to the next venture you have. You may have as many as 10 employers in your lifetime; you could have more, or less, depending on your skills and the job market.

Even when I really don't like the job I have, I have been able to pick up skills that I can use for another opportunity. There will be a time when your parents won't run your life choices, but for right now, they do.

Not to be mean here, but

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My parents never got involved in my jobs or work. So i quit when i wanted to

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