So i have a new job and i have been doing saturdays at my old job just incase it didn't work out. I dont wanna do Saturdays anymore but im not sure how this new job is going. Should i ask my new boss or just quit or just wait a few more weeks?


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Ray Dart answered

Ok, a few things to consider.

No sentence starts with "So", it is a recent addition to spoken conversation (and bad there also).

I (the first personal) is always capitalized.

Days of the week like "Saturdays" are also always capitalized.

In case are two words.

It you wish to shorten "do not", there is an apostrophe to be used - "don't" is English "dont" is not.

"Wanna" is not a word in any Indo-European language (like this one), You probably meant "want to".

"I am" should be shortened to "I'm". "im" means "Instant Message".

There is no such word as "anymore" (unless it is a town somewhere - in which case it should be capitalised). You meant "any more".

Have you heard about something called punctuation?

I think that makes 9 errors in one paragraph.

Almost a record.

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