would it better to have no goals at all than to have goals that do not meet the SMART characteristics?


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What is the definition of smart characteristics ?

As far as i know, everyone can have goals, and it's nobody's job to understand them. It's the decider's job, the individual's job to recognize their goal and follow it through regardless of what others thinks or feel.

Sometimes life is about following a road that nobody sees but only you.

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Well, after searching "SMART characteristics," I get the impression that you must have a general idea of within what field of interest you have decided to achieve the goals that you will set.

So your question is too broad for me to answer whether it is better to have no goals at all vs goals with "SMART characteristics."

But in this case, I would say "no" with about a 85% confidence level.

From the internet.

Remember the word “SMART” and you will know the five characteristics of successful goal setting. Successful goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

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