What does getting Cs and Ds through your major have to do with how well you perform at your job?


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Ancient Hippy answered

With C's and D's, I'm sure that you'll be adept at flipping burgers.

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Tom Jackson answered

The grades in your major are the only evidence a potential employer has to evaluate your prospective competency as an employee with the associated degree.

C's and D's indicate you may be more or a liability to the company than an asset---and it's unlikely you are going to get a good job in the field of your major.

If you do get into a company, perhaps you can develop a solid body of accomplishments that will allow you to move up sooner or later.

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Icee Guldiggarz answered

Well, Idk about you buddy, but I don't want a doctor who got nothing but C's and D's in college to be doing surgery on me. I also don't want someone who got nothing but C's and D's in Industrial Maintenance in college to be trying to fix stuff in the chemical plants.

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