Please Tell Me About A Time You Weren't Very Pleased With Your Performance. Why Were You Upset With Your Performance ? What Did You Do To Turn Around Your Performance?


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Nobody is perfect. We all may have faults with us. These sorts of faults, at times make us feel like we are not doing at our level best. In my life, there came times when I thought that my performance is not good and I need to improve. For instance, I was studying for my master's level exam and I thought that I am not doing at my level best. I wanted to do top in the department. In fact I topped and I am a gold medallist. For that thing, I am obliged to God the great.
Now I am telling you what I sued to turn me around. One thing that is important is your mental relaxation and satisfaction. Another thing is to be optimistic. Don't ever lose heart. It is life and ups and downs are the part of life. Take life as a real adventure and fight against things at your level best. One thing that you should never avoid is your access to God, you should always pray to God for your success. Work hard and leave the result of your work with God. That is what I used to did when I was not able to perform hat well. Hope this would be helpful.
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Being satisfied with your own performance is very essential. I realized this when I was given as task as a team lead to develop a software. I work very hard since the beginning for the development of ideas and a blue print etc. I tried to get everyone going but somehow nothing worked and we delivered a stillbirth that failed during testing phase. I was very upset with my performance, despite of the fact that it was not entirely my fault. However, I realized I must have more influence as a team lead and I should have done more to resolves the conflicts between the team.
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A time that I wasn't pleased with my performance was when I was in this small bar with my brother in law (just a local bar, nothing big). We were playing pool and I could barely even hit any of the balls. Normally, when I would play pool, I'd be surprising people with amazing shots.

So what'd I do? I stopped playing pool and went back to drinking a little and celebrating my 21st birthday. I had no regrets.

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