What is the best way to find a job?


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Yin And Yang answered

Net working! The only way to get a job now a day is by "knowing someone who know's someone."

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Anonymous answered

First of all, You should make social network of contacts and join some best job portals such as placementindia.com, naukri, shine, etc..

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Bhawna Tripathi answered

These days there are a number of
online portals available which provide the best job vacancies to candidates.
The best way to find a job is to create your profile on every portal such as
Naukri, shine, Indeed, Monster India etc. And upload your resume there. Search
for the job vacancy in your interesting job profile and apply for the same
getting the best position in any company.

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Eric Lyons , Digital Marketing Executive in JobRino based in USA, answered

There are a number of Online Job Portal available on the Web. You need to find the position in which you want to do the job. To find a job effectively and accurately visit the best place to search for jobs.

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