What is the best way to get a job interview?


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David Shabazi answered

Talk to the person directly or schedule an appointment by phone.

Employers these days are very busy with paperwork and whatnot, and they don't check their email as frequently as you think they would. So if you were to send your resume through email and asked for job employment, it'll get delayed because they won't read your email the instant you send it.

If you were to schedule an appointment by phone with a receptionist, you'll have the exact time, date, and location for the interview. Likewise, by talking to the receptionist directly, you will also immediately schedule an appointment for an interview right then and there.

Good luck!

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bittu jain answered

Nowadays, it's not difficult to find a job. There are plenty of online websites which provide you with the detailed information of the job recruitment agency and the placement company related to your field. You just have to make your eye caching resume and apply on these websites and mention all your specific details with your resume. Firstly, they see your resume and if they find you are the suitable candidate for their company then they will call you and schedule your interview. All the best for your future.

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trisha watson answered

The best way  is to describe your knowledge in very brief way and with great confidence.

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Derek Alvarez , President, CEO of Ezlifegadgets.com, answered

Apply for a job.  The best way is to apply through the job board sites, depending on your field.  Once you have peaked someone's interest enough to call you, impress them.  Speak professionally and sound enthusiastic.

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InterviewBuddy- (Online mock interviews with experts). It’s the best website to practice the interviews.

They will conduct the mock interviews on any domain with industry experts and provide detailed scorecard with performance-based metrics comprehensive feedback on your strengths &weaknesses.

By attending the mock interview with InterviewBuddy, You’ll review your answers, body language and communication at any time. This tool can analyze your preparation level for a particular interview and where you need to improve.

Before attending the actual interview, You have to attend the practice interview to learn Interview Techniques, Tricky Questions, and Answers. So you can experience how the real-life interview feels.

Good Luck!!!

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Bhawna Tripathi answered

The best way to get a job interview is the candidate should be positive  at the time of interview, stay calm.honest and confident, should have no communication gap between candidate an interviewer. There should be a proper dress code so that it can give a presentable look.

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