I have been working in a new job now for about two months and I cant handle it my anxiety is extremely bad at the moment. I am casual so I don't have to give notice when I quit, do I text or email my boss? how do I word it? Im too anxious to call


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You go and talk to your boss in person in private - face to face.

I'm sorry, Mr. White, but I am unable to continue to working in my current job. I've had some medical issues come up that has forced me to take a step back from working.

I appreciate all of the training that I've had. It's been a good company to work for so far, but at the present time, I must focus on my health.  Thank you so much.

Shake his or her hand.

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A few comments---

Taking a job and then finding out that it is not something you really like to do is still a good outcome---don't feel bad about it.

Tell your boss that you have decided precisely that---it's quite accurate.

(I would avoid mentioning health issues  as a reason--- no use letting that float around out there.)

Given your status as a casual, he may just tell you to leave immediately after you indicate you no longer want to work there---that would not be unusual.

Or---he may want you to not quit and may want to ask whether there is some possible problem with the job.

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