I am attempting to get a job. (Laughs nervously) However of course I can only find one heel! Can I wear pants and a pair of black tennis shoes? Or do I go out and buy an outfit/shoes then return them after the interview?


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I would say it all depends on the job you are interviewing for. If it is an office type / administrative position you might want to try and borrow an out fit from a friend or relative. Don't buy work clothes till you have the pposition and only buy a few sets till your second paycheck at least. If you are going for a retail sales position then that is another type of out fit. Bottom line, unless you have the means don't invest in a wardrobe till you know you have the job and are actually working.

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I think you should get a job as a cook! Nobody would probably notice if you wore one heel and one black tennis shoe!

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I would think since it's a photoshop you will be on your feet all day.  Wear what you have. Don't go in debt for something that you may not ever need again.

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Yin And Yang
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Thank you my friend. I went in and the manager didn't even come in today.... makes me wonder if the email was real. 🤔
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Oh my
That's not good
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Yah I am suspicious now. Thankfully the only thing I would have "given" them was my name and email address. I assumed the longer version would be in person at the shop.... I don't know my friend.

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