I am a graduate. I am finding it difficult to be successful at job interviews. I realize that I get nervous when am interviewed. How do I build up confidence to attend interviews?


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See when ever you go for a interview then just feel calm feel as if the people who are looking at you as if they are just about to kill you are just your friends! Or you can also think of a very nice memorable moment or a person you love or like the most and gives you pleasure. This may calm you and just smile and feel free, like tell your mind that this is not a interview, we are just gonna have a conversation and that those people in front of me are just my talking companions! And so I'm sure you'll calm down!

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Prepare yourself properly... Rehearse in front of mirror some of your answers and do a good research about the most popular questions they could ask you on the interview :) Smile and and speak S L O W L Y, this gives the impression you are confident. Hope that I helped x

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Tash Naz , Freelance Writer, answered

Graduating and applying for a job can be quite stressful, but there are many ways that you can build up your confidence and become successful in getting the job you want. 

Here are some tips on building up confidence at interviews, in order to get your dream job!

Believe in yourself

It can often be difficult to get the self confidence you need when you are under the watchful eye of a potential employer. 

However it is always important to believe in yourself. The employer would not have even called you for an interview if they didn't feel that you have something to offer. Think about your strengths and what you could bring to the company and let that shine through.

Put yourself in the mindset of the employer: What are the things that you'd want to here from a potential employee? What contributions would you want from a potential employee?

Preparation is key

If you do feel nervous at interviews it may help to get extra preparation prior to the interview. The more you prepare for the interview the less nervous you should feel. You could try going through a list of potential questions and thinking about what you might say. 

It may also be helpful to look at the company background and what you could offer them.

Focus on the postives

Try to focus on the positive things that you could personally bring to the company. Do you have any good examples of work experience? 

Perhaps you could mention these examples if relevant and back up your positive attributes and achievements with examples. This will not only impress the employer but will also boost your confidence.

Try not to stress

Attending interviews can be nerve wracking but try not to get too stressed over it. Take a deep, calm breath and try your best. 

At the end of the day if you prepare well, smile and try your best at the interview then you know that you have done everything you can. Ultimately you will land the perfect job for you when you and the employer believes that you are the right fit for the position and it will happen!

I hope this helps to answer your question :)

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In interviews you will learn more about yourself than interviewer. "Practice Makes Perfect" So, before going to attend the interview you need prepare the interviews in real-time. You can prepare the interviews through read some interview questions and answers or follow some blogs. But, I prefer online practice interviews with experts because practical knowledge is more valued than theoretical knowledge.

So, select the best platform and start practice the interviews in real-time. I would like to suggest InterviewBuddy- (Online mock interviews with experts). It’s the best website to practice the interviews.

They will conduct the mock interviews on any domain with industry experts and provide detailed scorecard with performance-based metrics comprehensive feedback on your strengths &weaknesses.

By attending the mock interview in InterviewBuddy, You’ll review your answers, body language and communication at any time. This tool can analyze your preparation level for a particular interview and where you need to improve.

Before attending the actual interview, You have to attend the practice interview to learn Interview Techniques, Tricky Questions, and Answers. So you can experience how the real-life interview feels.

In an interview, The interviewer can check your confidence levels. So, you have to boost your confidence levels with interview buddy.

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