In the future, I'd like to own businesses of many kinds (restaurant, sports team, etc). Should I get MBA or CPA?


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MBA. You need to learn how to run business, not merely do the books. 

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Neither. People who are getting MBAs are already accomplished in their career. Any legitimate MBA program requires real world experience and references. A CPA is what you get if you want to be a top level accountant. That's it.

Entrepreneurship doesn't require a degree. A degree in whatever you like which you can use to get a regular job to support your entrepreneurial goals is adequate. For the most part, the majority of modern CEOs and founders have engineering or math related degrees.

Anyone can open a restaurant with a decent credit score getting loans from a bank. Personally I would never do that to start a business. If you go to a good university or live in a well-to-do neighborhood, network like crazy and find investors.

Owning a sports team would require that your net worth is above 9 figures. That's HUNDREDS of millions. Aim high, but not that far.

So my advice is to get started NOW. Or go to college, make some friends, get a job, make some more friends, and start working on it on your free time.

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Get an MBA in at a college that offers a Co-op program comparable to Northeastern university. You will get both experience and your degree, and most likely a job offer for when you graduate.

I recommend you work for someone else for 2-5 years before opening your own business as well.

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