Do you want to have kids of your own in the future or do you want to be career oriented?


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Janey answered
Oh I'll definitely have kids of my one at one point and hopefully they'll turn out to be as adorable as my 5 year old twin nieces.But that's for the future as right now I want to concentrate on my career and get as far up the ladder as I can.
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ly fen chen answered

Today, there are a lot of women are late to have kids, as for some reasons and for their career too. Think of having a good career, they have to sacrifice their time in order to achieve their objective, and have kids late, because of many competition of the jobs, recent crisis etc... Such is the life, we have to follow this changing world.

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I kinda do want to have kids!


Before that I wanna fulfill my dreams and when I'm done then I'll deal with the kids!

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