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Writing a resume that stands out among others is not as trivial as it seems to some. Among the stacks of job applications even the best CV can be overlooked if it is not properly written and retouched. Below are a few ways to write a CV that every employer will pay attention to and will want to meet the person who created the CV.

Start with your personal information . This is very important and should be in the upper left corner of the page. If your CV has two pages, write also your details on the other side.

Let your CV be full of keywords specific to the field and position you are applying for. In this way, if the employer uses a computer system, your CV will not be overlooked by the computer program and will go into the hands of the recruiter, and thus you will be invited for an interview.

Use verbs motion such as exercise, refine, expand, lift. Thanks to this treatment, your CV will gain lightness and show that you are a person who often struggled with various tasks, did not idle, what she learned and grew experience.

Be sure to mention your strengths . Thicken them. Many sample CVs do not use this procedure, but do not hesitate to use it. Thanks to this, what you want will catch the eye of the recruiter. Mention your strengths at the very beginning. But remember not to overdo it. What too much is not healthy. And you do not want to get the opposite effect from the intended one.

Share your CV into sections . Separate them with lines, but do not overdo it. After all, you want this content to be the most important thing. The appearance of the CV, although it is very important, it is only an addition. The exaggeration of form over the content can be badly perceived as an attempt to cover up the graphics of the lack of interesting content, that is your qualifications.

Use numbers. Support your CV with the numbers of conferences, cast projects, articles written, etc. If you have something to brag about, then praise.

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