How To Develop An Oracle Database Resume?


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For making database resume you have to change the contents of three sections as major projects, Experience, Technical Skills. Because all other sections such as Education, Personal Information, hobbies, Career goals and professional qualifications which constitute a resume remain almost same. Major project section should have projects relevant to database. Any way you can add few other projects which are related to IT field. But your focus must be on database projects. Final project is necessary to add, because it has influence on interviewer.

If you are making database resume and you have relative experience then experience section must be there in your resume and if you have no experience as you are a fresh graduate then it is obvious that your resume will not contain this section. If you have done internship then it will also be mentioned in experience section. In technical skills section, you will mention all those skills which are relevant to database. For example, you can mention following skills.

(1) I have experience of Oracle 8i/9i, and oracle forms and reports.
(2) I have experience of mysql and SQL server.
(3) I have understanding of Data warehouse.
(4) I have experience of team lead in many projects at university level.
(5) I have ability to work independent as well as team member.
(6) Java, Ajax, PHP and Microsoft Office, Excel, Access and powerpoint
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Visit at here you will find many resumes categeroy wise . alter viewing your category related resumes you will get idea how write your oracle resume.

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