What Are The Documents Used In Home Trade?


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There are a number of documents used in home trade, and these include:

• A quotation document
This is sent to the buyer from the seller and gives all the information that is pertinent to the product or service being sold, such as price, delivery charges and product information.

An alternative to a quotation is a catalog detailing all, and more, information that is on the quotation document.

• An invoice
An invoice is a bill for a service or product that has been supplied to a customer. An invoice is only used for credit sales; a sale that has been paid for when it was ordered will be recognized with a receipt.

• An advice note
This will be sent to a customer advising them of anything that is relevant to the product or service that they are paying for, such as delivery dates.

• Delivery note
A delivery note is given at the same time that products are delivered and they enable the customer to check that what they have received is correct and what they have paid for.

• Information found on home trade documents
Naturally there are more documents that can be used in home trade than those outlined here, because some businesses have different needs, but there are some things that are common to all of the documents.

This is the information that can be found on each one, and includes the name and contact details of the business that is using them; the date that they were issued; the parties that have been involved with the transaction; the nature of that transaction; any terms and conditions; the amount that has been paid, and any outstanding sum. It is also usual for these documents to have some kind of reference on them.
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Good night! Thank you for that list, I just wanted to begin the home trade in a few weeks. I just very scared about the safety of these documents, because as I know if something will happen with them, it is rather hard to recover it. A lot of professionals for this aim use different fireproof safes like on . What do you think about it? Is it necessary when you work with such documents?

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