List twenty documents that can be handled by the receptionist?


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For receptionists generally, there are numerous documents that they handle on a regular basis. Of course, these may differ depending on the kind of work area the receptionist is employed within. However, some of the general documents handled by a receptionist would be letters, invoices, appointments, contact details, memos and receipts.

Any letters that are delivered to the establishment during the course of the day could quite likely end up with the receptionist. Especially in the event of this being a receptionist for a member of senior management. The letters could be left with the receptionist so that they can pass them on later.

Invoices for orders may need to be checked and logged by a receptionist. This is so that they can have an accurate record of what has been going on during the course of the business day.

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Any appointments that have been made with members of the senior management team will most likely be recorded on a document that a receptionist may handle. The receptionist is then able to help this member of senior management to orchestrate their timetable for the day. In a similar fashion, any business cards or other contact details may be left with the receptionist. This is so that they can be passed on at a more appropriate time.

Memos will very likely be handled by the receptionist. These memos may need to be copied, faxed or dispensed within the building and the receptionist may be required to do that.

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Finally, receipts for any packages or orders that have come into the building will most likely be handled by the receptionist at some point. Although the final document may very well end up with the finance department, the receptionist will most likely make a note and take record of the receipt and its total cost.

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