Can You Give Me Some Examples Of Strengths And Weaknesses Of Nursing?


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Many people believe that getting into the health care industry is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs out there. Among these jobs, none can be more popular than nursing. Just like other professions out there, it has its strengths and weaknesses. For one, nurses receive more than ordinary employees and they also have a lot of benefits. However, they have an irregular work schedule and the job itself entails risks.

Nursing is a noble profession. Nurses today remain in demand despite the economic crises countries are suffering from. They have above minimum salary and their benefits are numerous including health care, insurance, and the like. In addition, nurses are also in demand in the international scene. Many hospitals, elderly homes, and more are looking for qualified nurses to work for them. This means you get the chance to work in a foreign land and earn more at the same time.

Being a nurse is no bed of roses. Despite your handsome salary, you have to work in shifts. There are times when you have to render your services at night until the crack of dawn or have to work overtime. You have to make the daily rounds and tend to patients. Nurses also have to deal with all kinds of patients, ranging from those who suffer from mild headaches and flu to those suffering from severe illnesses like cancer. Further, the job itself is very demanding. Aside from the hectic schedule, you have to be patient and extra careful at all times especially when it comes to giving your patients their medicines or helping them change clothes and a lot more.

If you’re serious about pursuing a nursing career, make sure you earn a college degree in nursing or related field. It will also help if you get certified since many hospitals hire only those with certification or license.
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Strengths: She has good communication skills with patients. She can handle toxic patients. She has time-management. She gives advices to her patients. She is good in making nurse’s notes. She enjoys doing rounds and visiting her patients. She is responsible and compassionate in doing her activities.

Weaknesses: Sometimes she is nervous in doing the procedures. He sometimes lack of initiative to do some routine works such as getting the vital signs of the patient and doing the sample charting.

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