Every One Has Strengths And Weakness As Workers. What Are Your Strong Points For Your Job?


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Vikash Swaroop answered
I would like to take the opportunity to convey my feelings about your question but instead of talking about my own experience I would prefer to talk of the strength and weaknesses of a worker as a whole because confining it to one person van limit the whole idea of the phenomenon.

If we talk the strength of a worker that can make good impression on an employer, I must say that discipline is the core strength of any worker and employers look forward towards a disciplined worker to deliver at different times. The other important quality I would like to mention is that to relate your area of expertise with other things so that your bosses can use you to get other projects and you can be more valuable to them.

When we talk of weaknesses, I would like to quote here that you must never have tantrums in your personality as it may trouble you. So take care of these things and go ahead in your life.

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