I Keep Not Being Paid At Work. What Shall I Do?


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I was told by my employer that I will be paid on the following week, the week after I was due to be paid 29/4/2010. It then went on and  was told that I would be paid within two weeks, which is today. I was told that the money has been put into my account and I should be paid by the end of the day. I haven't and I was told that I would be. Shall I continue to work for this company or pursue my money which is now two months.
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Work for some company as a painter. They have to pay me bi-weekly but already 8 weeks passed and they didn't pay me anything
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You do not mention how long this has gone on, without action.
I presume you have a regular job, with a boss you can approach and a contract.
You do not say why you are not being paid.
Is it because the company is in financial trouble?
Is it because your pay is being withheld for a particular motivation.
Is your boss or whoever pays you avoiding you.
Is there a problem at your bank where your account details
are not available.
I don't know.
What I do know is there is a law that covers you, and if this does not resolve itself within a week you need to seek legal assistance either from your union, if you have one, or a legal person if you can pay, if you have no money, apply for govt legal aid.
They can investigate this for you, and will help you to get an answer and hopefully a solution. Take them a copy of your contract if you have one.

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