How Can I Impress My Boss At Work?


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To impress your boss you must always do what your boss expects from you. Do not try to hide your mistakes in front of your boss he will trust you 'more'... Follow your KRA and always show that you are running an extra mile to complete your task which means you should actually put into your 100% to complete the given task. Help your other team mates in doing their takas or targets which will pass positive & good feedback to your boss about you.
Finally If you want to be successful even after you did several mistakes... You can change your boss just by changing the way you think about your hard with honesty.
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To impress your boss you need to successfully carry out all your assignments and always show eagerness and take initiatives. For instance, when you get your daily task achieved don't lay down and think you're done, instead get in the way and let your boss know that you did the job and ask for further tasks.
Be always prepared for meetings and provide your boss with the required feedback, if you can handle your job in a successful way be sure your boss will be confident about your ability to carry out more responsibilities which will always keep you as a good candidate for future promotion.
Keep your words by taking notes and follow up, that way your talking will be always having a weight and taken in consideration.
Work hard and get involved in your organization growth and show your loyalty to the group.

By Adnan Shawqi
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There are many ways in which you can impress your boss and the obvious one is by working hard! However, more and more people notice that even though they work hard, they never seem to get the recognition that they deserve. So, if you have got a nightmare boss and whatever you do just does not seem to impress them, there are a few things you could try.
Good manners are always looked upon highly, and if you are polite and considerate to your work colleagues, as well as to your boss, you are likely to be appreciated a lot more. However, some bosses do not like employees who suck up to them too much so it may be worth being polite, but also standing your ground too. Also, if you make a mistake at work it is always better to own up instead of trying to cover it up. It will show your honesty and your boss will trust you a lot more. Overall, being polite, not having too many sick days but knowing when to have a sick day as well as being reliable and trustworthy, are usually all it takes to impress a boss.

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