What Is Your Classroom Management Plan/style? What Are Your Goals?


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Classroom management?!!! Hmmn.. Well, are you a teacher? Or a professor? Anyway, though I'm just a student, I try ny best to help. If you are a grader teacher you can manage your class by story telling.. Kids love stories... :) 
If you are a professor in college degree, its a serious class, I mean make your lesson interesting for the student and teach it to them loud and clear!  It must be really clear so you can have good feedback from the students.. Just be true to your self. Thats one thing.. Dress code is very important. Make sure you always iron your clothes.. And clean your shoes..just a reminder..

Joking in front of the class is not prohibited. Make the students laugh.. It will bright their day... Say goodbye to them before you leave... Greet the students in the corridor.... Reach their expectations.. You can learn from your students as well... Always be self confident.... You can earn that.. Read some books about that.. It will be a big help... Good luck..

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