What Is The Best Leadership Style In Retail Management?


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lakeesha Hennessy Williams Profile
In my experience, I'd describe the best kind of retail management style as being 'flexible leadership'.

The retail environment is ever-changing and, therefore, the best managers are able to adapt to different situations, and tailor their approach to best suit their company's particular requirements.

The best leadership style in retail I think flexibility and an ability to view things from different perspectives are vital to effective retail management.

For example, people often say a good manager always leads by example. This is true, in that a strong manager should be able to guide their staff from the front.

However, let's say a manager's staff become too reliant on their manager - what if they aren't showing enough initiative? Would it still make sense to continue leading from the front even though doing so is making everyone else complacent?

No. A flexible and versatile manager would realize that a different leadership approach is required. They might then decide to delegate responsibility to someone else - and see if this encourages the other staff to improve their performance.

If this backfires, a good manager would perhaps consider re-training or performance managing his/her staff.

Basically, a great retail manager will read a situation and consider many different approaches - the best in the business will always opt for the leadership approach that delivers results, regardless of what 'type' of management that involves.

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