Can Anyone Tell Me Where I Can Get A Free Dental Nurse Exam (past Exams)?


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Am wanting to do the certificate in dental radiography but all courses booked til 2010 or to expensive. Has any one old notes on it
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I was unable to find a past Dental Nurse examination but, I did find the examination website, on which there is a practice test used by nurses to help them pass their exam for certification.

If you are not a member you can enter and view all the information about what is on the site. There is one sample question to give you and idea of what the test is like. Go to the following site:

You can register online, pay for 2 months or 4 months during which time, you will able to practice, get feedback and other help. You will be able to save copies of your test as you work and go back to them later.

The site has an exam crammer, dental charting exercises, a discussion forum, an encyclopedia and more. If you need more information enter "dental nurse exam" into your search browser; many sites will come up with additional information, however the site listed above is the only one I found, which actually has the test. Good luck!

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