Can You Give Me Details, Aptitude Test Patterns, Group Discussion Topics, And Interview Questions Of The Simplex Company?


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Lakshmipriya Nair Profile
I believe you are talking about Simplex Technologies or Simplex Concrete Piles Ltd. They have offices in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai. It is a reputed organization. Every organization has its own style and method of functioning. It also includes the hiring, recruiting and training practices. The test pattern and group discussion topics vary with the post that a person is applying for.

The interview questions would also vary from person to person and would be based on the applied position. Hence it would not be possible to provide you with the details of all these things. The best way is to be prepared for the rounds and do them with confidence and poise. Once you are comfortable with your field of work and know it thoroughly then you would not encounter a lot of problems.

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