What Kind Of People Do You Find It Most Difficult To Work With? Why?


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Well it is a matter of the experiences that one had in his life. According to me the most difficult to work with is when they are illiterate, self praisers, and rigid kind of persons. It is very difficult to deal and work with these kinds of people.
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There are several types of people that I find difficult to work with.

People who will not work smart, only hard. Graft is honourable and certainly shows determination, but without working smart, the individual slogs away with piecemeal achievement rather than using their experience of the role to develop and improve operations.

I find it quite difficult to work alongside bigoted people who feel that they have share their intolerant views with everyone else. It often doesn't occur to them that others don't share their racist and xenophobic viewpoint.

People who make excuses for not doing what they are being paid to do are also not high on my list of best colleagues. Some people can find an excuse for anything and usually judiciously use it when they are most needed.

However, it should be said that I am the type of person who is flexible and tolerant of others, but can make interventions when necessary to avoids with other work colleagues. Although I prefer my colleagues open-minded, flexible and reliable, I understand that is not the world we live in and do my best work whilst maintaining excellent relationships with my colleagues.
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Argumentative and confrontational subordinates who do not show respect for your position. Matter fact, they believe they can do it better. Subordinates who talk about their colleagues to the other colleagues then turns around and talks about that person in which they were talking to with colleague A.  AN employee that feels entitled to that position but shows no appreciation for the opportunity they were given by th employer.  An employee who oversteps his/her boundaries. Taking authoritative actions and keeping the employer in the dar
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I find it difficult to work with people who are mysterious
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