What Is The Most That The CSA Can Take From Your Salary, Is It 40%?


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The C.S.A or Child Support Agency, a much maligned and criticized government department exists to retrieve financial reparation for the cost of raising children from absent fathers.

The best way to calculate the amount of money that they will take from you is to go onto their website. There is a calculator that can be found here:


Here you will be asked a number of questions, the basis of which will be used to calculate how much maintainance you will be 'asked' (made) to pay. Of course there are also factors that can't be factored into a computer calculation. If you earn more than two thousand pounds per month or if you are currently receiving benefits, the calculation may be affected.

You are right about 40% being important, what it actually means is that 60% of your wages are protected from C.S.A's grasp, but it is unlikely that you will pay 40% of your wages.

Use the calculator, it will give you the information that you need and you can sleep a little easier.

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