How Much Salary Are You Expecting?


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Mark Westbrook answered
This is a question that often comes and is quite difficult to deal with because it is one of the hardest interview questions there is. I would usually say, at least my current salary plus an additional percentage to encourage me to join your company/institution.
Naming your price is the way you always lose because the other person gets to respond. If its too much, they can refuse to take you on, if its too little, they can choose to take you on or not, but they know if they do, they are getting you cheaply.

What I prefer to do is ask questions. Is there a fixed salary for people entering your company at this level? Is there a particular entry level salary for all staff. Or you could research the sector before you go to the interview, so that if you are asked the question, you can speak from experience of salary ranges in the sector.

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