Which Country Has The Best Jobs And Highest Incomes?


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Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway and Qatar often top the list for countries with the highest incomes. 

As far as best jobs go, the answer really depends on what kind of jobs you'd value i.e. What are the things that make a job "good"? 

Where to find the best jobs
Personally, I'd suggest the US as the place for the best jobs, simply because it has the most diversified economy.

This means there are all sorts of jobs available in the States, and thus more of a chance that you'll find one that suites you best. 
Highest incomes in the world 
Working out which country has the highest income isn't all that straight forward either. 
One way to answer your questions would be to look at the world's countries in terms of GDP (gross domestic product - how much money the country makes from all services and goods produced), and then divide it by the number of people earning money in a country. 
On this basis, two countries are competing for top spot: Luxembourg and Qatar. In 2012, the average Qatari had a per capita GDP of $102,800. 
However, working out income through the GDP method isn't always accurate - especially in a country where the top few percent of the population earn most of the wealth. 
Want to make some serious money? Then move to... 
Perhaps a better way to work out the average income of a citizen would be to divide the total income of all the people in a country (based on tax records), and then divide that by the number of inhabitants.

Based in this method, the top 5 looks like this:

  • Norway - $43,400
  • Switzerland - $40,680
  • United States - $37,870
  • Japan - $34,180
  • Denmark - $33,570
So, if you're looking for a country where you're likely to find a high level of earning and a fabulous job, then it looks like Norway is your destination.

Just make sure to pack some extra warm clothing, the average temperature in winter is -40 degrees Celsius.
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The country, which has the best jobs with high income is a subjective question. This means the country chosen depends upon who you ask, what these people do and how much money they net in a year's time. Then, you factor in the stress levels, the quality of their lives and the level of happiness they experience in the country, in which they live.

A good job with high income is only good, if the person is happy,and is able to spend time doing, more than work associated with a job. So, I will give you the top ten countries, which have the highest standard of living. We will assume the people who can live at the high standard levels, are highly qualified, in personal skills and highly educated for the job they have, which of course means they spend a lot of their time in education beyond, that of their college degree. Top paid people must always be willing to continue learning, due to the ongoing changes in their field of employment.

Those who are top Executives in International Businesses; Property Managers; Real Estate Brokers; Entrepreneurs; Top Medical Surgeons; Car Designers and Manufacturers; Owners, Executives, Producers of large Television Stations;
Executives, Directors, Managers in the Electronic Technology all have the potential for being among highest incomes, but I would reserve my answer as to whether they are among the best jobs. The best job is dependent upon the person doing the job and the degree, to which the job brings him/her peace of mind and the comforts of life he/she desires to possess.

The countries, which have the highest standard of living are Norway, Sweden, Canada, Belgium, Australia, United States, Iceland, Netherlands, Japan and Finland. If, they have the highest standard of living, then they must also have top jobs, and top salaries, otherwise they would not be able to be among the countries with the highest standard of living.
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I think canada is the best country for oppurtunities and have a high standard of living??
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I am very agree with that Sweden is very difficult country to get a job as it is very hard country to live in. Specially with so many and high taxes they are so many that you need a own Google calendar working for you to remember you to pay. It is ridiculous
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During recent days the scenario has changed and many developed countries that were considered as the best place to live in and do the job...

USA is now suffering a huge debt crisis and a lot of layoffs have been made during the past 1-2 years. The unemployment rate has risen to 9% official and 15% unofficial.
My three cousins are there and they say that the life is getting very difficult there. About Britain, my brother and sister live there they say the the prices of fuel as well as daily items have risen to a record height.

Huge chains of many companies have been closed.

I believe gulf and in that Saudi Arabia is the most appropriate place to live and do job, the only thing which should be kept consideration is that you should have a visa on which your family can also come (i.e supervisor to manager e.g supervisor, engineer, manager, businessman) and it should be your owned visa, so that you can easily switch to any company I had also spent three years there with my employer's visa and now will be going on my own visa(purchased) so to have better and many opportunities.
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Yes I agreed with that sweden is the worst country in the world in terms of job rankings.
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According to my opinion the country which offer the best and highest paying jobs is USA

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I think sweden is the worst country to get a job in the world and I don't know how people make the rankings.

Yes, well america is the best country in the world in standard of living and income of an ordinary person to high profile jobs.
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