What Does A "Production Manager" Do?


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Production Managers find out the most competent and profitable method to schedule shoots, discuss business deals for crews, locations and technical equipment, and make daily production decisions to make sure that productions go on efficiently. Production managers are supervisors; they decide the distribution of labor force, costs, make adjustments to the method, and raw materials or shipping of final goods. Lots of production managers are asked to use production tracking and quality control systems, so the first step for product managers is to become familiar with present systems of production, past cost estimates, and company policies. A good production manager will also react to circumstances as they happen; for them flexibility is the key to success. They are involved in every step of production, few micromanage the everyday details of each department’s work.
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Production Manager
• Provide overall Management of the ongoing Production operations including Inventory
Control, Scheduling, Documentation, Equipment Maintenance, Calibration, Shipping, and
Quality Control/Inspection.
• Assist in creation of efficient processes through hands-on development and training.
• Track quality of all processes through analysis of recorded data and formation of
additional test-points. Correlate results with requirements/specifications.
• Report directly to COO.
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Ensure the goods and services are produced efficiently that they are of the right quality, quantity and cost
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Production manager  it is Over all maintaining planning &PROCESS CONTROL person...
  Amit Shula.

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