What Does Assistant Manager Do?


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An assistant manager has many roles and responsibilities in an organization. Some of these roles include:

  • Assisting the manager
  • Managing those beneath them in the organization
  • Acting as a go between
  • Standing in for the manager
An assistant manager is not simply an assistant to the manager, although this is one of the important roles that they possess. They will also be expected to carry out duties that are vital to the running of the organization, alongside the manager. These duties are great in number and can include acting as a go-between, between the workers and the manager.

A manager's responsibilities are such that they need to be seen to be managing the part of the organization they are overseeing. This normally means that the workers will need to liaise with the assistant manager if they have any problems, and the assistant manager normally deals with these problems. Only on rare occasions should the manager be brought into these situations, and the assistant manager is normally expected to be able to deal with these problems.

An assistant manager will have normally been a member of the organization, who has worked their way up through the company, being a worker, a team leader and a supervisor. They should know the running of the company inside out, and understand the need to make certain decisions.

From time to time the manager of an organization will not be available, whether it be because of holiday, sickness, or a business reason. It is at this time that the assistant manager should step up to the role of manager, and they may well have to deal with more tricky situations, and attend board meetings. A good assistant manager should be looking to move up into the role of manager once the existing managerial role is vacated.

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