Where Can I Find Free English Exercises To Print For Kids?


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There are several websites offering free worksheets and answer sheets for children. I think this one will
provide help, go to www.sitesforteachers.com The home page will be a listing of all the material on this site. You will need to click on #12 of the listed materials and that will take you to the English materials. There is a section for for Beginners and one for Intermediate learners. Because this is a Teachers Resource site, you can also find some Lesson Plans, to help in teaching lessons, before the children use the worksheets, for each topic. This site also offers lessons and worksheets in reading Comprehension.

Here is another site I think you will like go to, http://www/tlsbooks.com/englishworksheets.htm and you will fifty-nine(59) free, printable English worksheets for Pre-school thru Grade Five (5). At the bottom of this first page, you will a little box for installing an Adobe Reader, if you do not have one on your computer. Click the box and it will install automatically. You will need an Adobe Reader to be able to make copies of the free worksheets. This site also offers thirty (30) free downloadable children's books.
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As a home school parent, I found a great website that has lots of printable english worksheets and they are FREE!!! The site is www.rhlschool.com and click on the subject that you need. They offer a few different subjects which is really nice and provide the answers to the questions for those who need them.
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Tammy Shadoan answered
A great site I found while homeschooling my daughter is www.rhlschool.com. They cover math, english and a few other subjects and have great printable worksheets that are printable and FREE!!! Answer sheets are also available for those of us who haven't been in class for awhile LOL.
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I always use worksheet Library.  They have some great stuff: www.worksheetlibrary.com
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