What Is Your Long Term Career Aspirations?


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When looking at long term career aspirations, you should probably focus on three areas. These being job, family life, and how realistic these career aspirations may be. People may have career aspirations that seem to be ambitions, but if they have a plan how to get there, then most career dreams can come true.

When trying to find out what career aspirations you may have, think about the following;

  • What kind of job/career you would like?
This could be anything from wanting to open your own shop to wanting to work as an advisor to Donald Trump. You have to think about how this career would affect you, how many hours of study you would need to get there and if you already have any of the qualifications that are needed to get your foot on the ladder.

  • Family life
You should also consider how a different career will fit in with your family life. Do you have children that you have to look after when they come home from school? Can other arrangements be made to deal with these things?

Even if you don't have a family, this is a good time to think about what you want in the future or even about what you would not want to change about your life.

  • How to achieve these aspirations.
You need to have a think about how you will achieve these career aspirations. Can they be achieved with the qualifications you already hold or do you need some more college education? Can you afford to go into this career and not earn a lot for a couple of years while you climb the ladder slowly? Can your dream be achieved in the town or city you live in or would you have to change location to fulfill your career aspirations?
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Establish myself at management level where I can contribute and share my knowledge and experience with others for the betterment of team & clients
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I am currently running a small general contracting business, my near-future goals are to build up a successful clientele referral base so that work is constant and I can hire a few extra hands. I am learning how to account for our business so I plan to take some classes in small business and accounting. I hope to be able, in the next few years have enough of a staff and work to keep them busy so that I can take a nice long vacation!!!
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Well I don't believe in future goals or long term planning because I don't know when I will be departed from this world. So I never believe in long term future planning
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I don't know. What are some of your interests? What are some of the things you enjoyed doing as a kid? What are some of your natural talents. All of these things need to be thought about before that question can be answered, no?
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I intend to be a Tennis player!
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Your career objective is your personal goal, what interviewers usually want to know is your career profile or summary -- this is a statement that is customized to them that tells them exactly what you can do for them and relay your specific skills, experience etc to their needs.
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