What Is Your Ideal Position And Career Path?


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An ideal position and career path is different for everyone. A good starting point is to ask yourself what you enjoy. What do you feel passionately about? If you enjoy talking to people, consider some people-oriented jobs: a broadcaster, a nurse or doctor; or a tour guide! If you enjoy building things, you might want to consider construction or mechanics.

The great writer and teacher Joseph Campbell advised, 'Follow your bliss.' Often those who are the most successful in their careers work in an arena that they most enjoy. Oprah Winfrey has said that as a child she most enjoyed talking to people. Her wealth is a testament to the notion of working a job that you like to do.

Of course, a career path is not without compromise. Finding a job is like finding a house - it might not have the conservatory and swimming pool that you always dreamed of, but it's a roof over your head! Evaluate the pros and cons of the job and always keep in mind your long term goals. The job at present may be a stepping stone to something greater.

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