Types Of Performance Appraisals In Terms Of HR?


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Performance appraisals are sometimes known as employee appraisal. It is a technique by which the performance of an employee is measured in terms of cost, quality, Time and quantity. Performance appraisal is considered as part of career improvement and development.

Performance appraisals are is an on going continuous review of company's employee performance.
The purposes of these appraisals are as follows:
• Give feedback on employee's performance.
• Recognize training needs of employee.
• Criteria utilized to assign rewards.
• Shape criteria for salary increments, promotions etc.
• Offer the chance for organizational analysis and improvement.
• Bridge the communication gap between employee and administrator.

A frequently used technique to evaluate performance is to make use of numerical or scalar rating method where managers numerically score an individual against a number of objectives/attributes. The other method is 360 degree performance appraisal in this the employees are also allowed the opportunity to assess the person and give feedback about manager.

Mostly used appraisals are:
• 360-Degree Performance Appraisal
• General Performance Appraisal
• Technical/Administrative Performance Appraisal
• Manager Performance Appraisal
• Employee Self-Assessment
• Project Evaluation Review
• Sales Performance Appraisal
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Do you know 720 degree is the new method of appraisal

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