What Is The Scope Of Human Resource Management In India?


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The scope of human resource management in India is very great indeed. This is because there is an increasing number of jobs within the IT sector and also because the number of young people looking for work is also on the rise. Therefore the demand for young and talented people has increased dramatically.

The scope of human resources, no matter which country, is very great because there is an increasing number of human resource related jobs and human resource related demands such as advanced performance appraisal, Human Resource Information System, employee involvement, corporate governance and job satisfaction.

Students who are looking for a job in human resource management will usually have to have a MBA human resources degree. This will allow them to get a job in a wide variety of different organizations such as financial firms such as banks, and firms that are not related to finance such as IT companies and insurance companies. These types of companies are where a human resource department is needed the most, although it is still important in all types of companies regardless of which field they are in.

The scope of human resource has a great scope because there is also a great need to recruit, select, train and develop the skills of the people that they hire, as well as motivating them, maintaining the high level and standard of work and dimension of the people.

Human resource management is a field of management that handles the strategic approach towards management of an organizations resources, specifically the human resources. The scope of human management includes industrial management, organizational management, employee relations and personnel management and administration. More simply, the five scopes of human resources are the procurement of workers, training of these workers and the development of their skills, job and performance analysis, wages and salaries of the workers and welfare and an industrial relationship.
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Human Resource Management has great scope in India. With the increasing amount of youth population in India and increasing job opportunities in IT sector, the demand for young and talented people has increased to the greater extent. The scope of HR is great because of existence of many new HR related demands such as advanced performance appraisal systems, Human Resource Information System, job satisfaction, employee involvement, corporate governance etc. The students having MBA Human resource degree can get job in variety of organizations such as financial firms i.e banks, non-financial firms such as IT companies, insurance companies etc.
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Every one say that scope of hrm in india I mean every institutional body but actually what will be the future in next 5 or 10 year
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Human resources management is the need of the hour because in todays scenario Indian companies are facing various challenges related to employees issues and hrs are required to handle these critical situations and maintain the good organisational environment for the companies benefit as well as for employees.
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A lot of scope of humen resource such as recruit,select,train & development another are hiring motivating maintaining & dimension of the people

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