How Do I Write A Complaint Letter About My Boss?


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The most important thing to do first is to carefully look into your individual company’s complaint procedures. Usually you will have been given a handbook when you started the job or will be able to locate such information on an internal computer system. If you do find such a procedure, it is important that you carefully follow the guidelines in place.

Make sure that you have the evidence and credibility to back up your claim before you start making formal complaints as your motivations will always be investigated and it is important that you can prove the claims you make.

If you decide to go ahead with the letter, ensure you keep it formal and professional. Do not enter into any personal remarks and ensure you give reasons for your dissatisfaction as well as possible ways the problem could be dealt with. If possible, it may be better to email this letter rather than posting it as you then have evidence that it has been sent and you can prove the exact words which you have used.

If there is a layer of management above your direct boss, it is also advisable you ‘Blind Copy’ them into the email (or if you feel more comfortable, approach them directly about your complaint). By using the BC facility you are, again, proving what has been said and that it has in fact been sent. Serious complaints, such as sexual harassment, should be directed directly to higher management immediately.

When making a formal complaint about management, it is essential that you keep any evidence of the complaint you are making, For example, if you are being bullied, keep all emails which may be viewed as offensive or if you feel your boss isn’t doing their job correctly keep records of when they have gone home early or complaints customers have made about them.

If the problem is worth making a complaint about, it is also likely other staff feel the same. Subtly assess the feelings of other staff members and if others feel the same try and get them on board with the complaint as well. If the problem you have is more of a personality clash which isn’t experienced by any other staff; it may be easier to look for a new job as this isn’t a strong case for complaint.
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My boss shows favoritism and is not very transparent
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He no due good job and he no have communication with us
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My supervisor made a racist comment in presence of A.A. Employees. This caused a very uncomfortable workplace enviroment, and tention is always present. This comment was discussed with the head Administrator, who has a personal relationship with this supervisor and her reaction was to giggle! She found it funny. I'm not comfortable with what and how she choose to handle, however I feel a need to address my concern to her especialy after recieving a phone call from her (adminstrator) pointing out good traits about the supervisor that made the racist comment. Since all has been discussed with Administrator, I personally feel I'm being harassed.

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