I've Bought An Ex-MoD Land Rover And The Wings Are Painted Red, Not Military Olive Like The Rest. Are These Replacements Wings?


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If the red paint is flaking away to reveal military drab underneath, you have a very special military Land Rover indeed. For Land Rovers with red front wings is the livery of the bomb disposal unit in all three arms of the UK military.

Most of the bomb disposal Land Rovers were long wheelbases and have bonnets that are secured by clamps and lockers on the wings. There will be sign of antennae on the left hand wing too.

Most bomb disposal Land Rovers were 24V Fitted For Radio and set up as command vehicles. If still intact, there should be two batteries and a huge generator under the bonnet. If you are really lucky, your vehicle will still have a map board in the back.

There should also be lockers on the side of the body immediately behind the front doors and brackets above the rear doors where work lamps were mounted. The spare will be mounted on the bonnet.

Because of the amount of kit that's involved in bomb disposal work, these Land Rovers invariably hauled trailers.

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