If I Work 16 Hours A Week What Holidays Am I Entitled To?


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The minimum entitlement for all workers, full or part-time, is 5.6 weeks of paid leave per year, although some employers offer more than that.

For someone working 5 days a week, this works out at 28 days. Whether bank holidays are included in this depends on the employer and should be detailed in the working contract. Part time workers have the same entitlement on a pro rata basis.

If bank holidays are given as extra days off to full time workers, part timers will also be entitled to this pro rata, even if the bank holiday does not fall onto a normal working day.
The actual entitlement for part time workers can be calculated by multiplying the days actually worked per week by 5.6. For example, if 16 hours are worked over 4 days, the calculation would read: 4 days x 5.6 equals 22.4 days of holiday entitlement. If they are worked, for instance, over two days, the entitlement would be 2 days x 5.6 equals 11.2 days.

Here are a few other points worth knowing about holidays and holiday entitlements:

- Holidays start to build up as soon as an individual starts to work for a company.
- The employer has the right to control when an employee may take his or her holidays.
- Holiday pay rates are equal to regular pay.
- When leaving a job, any holidays accrued and not yet taken have to be paid out.
- Public and bank holidays may either be included in the minimum annual leave entitlement or be given as extra days off.
- Workers continue to be entitled to holidays throughout periods of both ordinary and additional maternity, paternity or adoption leave.
- Workers have no right to additional, even if unpaid, holidays unless stated otherwise in a contract.
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I work 16 hours a week over 4 days how much holiday pay am I entitled to
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If I work 24 hours a week what holidays a year am I entitled to
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If I am employed 16 hours a week how much holiday am I entitled to?
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I would think you are entitled to the ones where the place is closed. Lots of jobs dont entitle you any Holidays. My husband worked a job years ago where he go NO holidays....BUT!
You are entitled to time and a half...or whatever "holiday pay" your job offers. But by are entitiled to at least time and a half...dont get that for the ones you work, be hunting another job...You were looking for one when you found that one, right? LOL
I am glad to answer this for these laws
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I work 16hrs over 7 days and been told I can have 20 days holiday but ever day I have off I am only going to get half pay is that right ??
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Unless you work for the Federal Government you are not "entitled" by law to any holidays not covered by your company holiday policy.

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