Why Should We Study Operation Management?


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Operations Management is basically a field of business that deals with production of quality goods and services. It ensures that all the business operations of a firm are performed in an efficient and effective manner.

Operations Management is a relatively new field of study. However, it has a very wide application especially in manufacturing concerns. Since this field has a lot of scope so one must study this subject. Since it applies the concepts of design engineering, industrial engineering, Management information system, quality management, production management, inventory management etc. So it has a scope in almost every organization. Employers now need operations management for efficient use of their resources.
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1. Operations Management form core of any organization's senior leadership.
Now what are organizations?
An organization is a business entity that can work for profit or non profit purposes to generate a value added product or service for its customers.
2. Whether profit or non profit, the role of an OPERATIONS MANAGER is to sustain, protect, and project the company's operations side. Now why Operations Manager is important?
3. Every organization must manage processes and operations by which processes are performed.
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1. Understand customers, products and markets
2. Find and exploit opportunities for success
3. Make business operations work
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Because operational management contains not only to operational process, it also have the risk management, to know how to react, and how to nullyfy the risks
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Operations management is the function that turns an organization’s resources (materials, labor) into products and services. That’s why it is “the main reason for existence for any organization”, according to Angel Diaz, professor and chair of the operations management department at IE Business School.
We Study of Operation Management because we want to know how goods and services are produce. We study Operation Management to understand what operations managers do. We study OM because it is such a costly part of an organization. “Services never include goods and goods never include services".

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Because nowadays operation management is needed for effective business in all over the word and it gives more important.

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