What Is The Name Of The Most Expensive Tractor?


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Typically, the most renowned tractor manufacturer, in terms of farming purposes, is John Deere; the US tractor company. They have built up a reputation for their classic green tractors as being powerful and highly practical. They rival companies Caterpillar and JCB (both from the UK) in terms of industrial tractors, but find themselves in a more dominating position in the agricultural world.

In terms of specific models of tractor, there is no designated price. The company - like all companies - recommend a retail price and then the dealership is there to ensure they sell; either at that price, higher or lower. This means that if you are after a rough price guide you should go into a dealership and check out their price listings.

One of the most famous tractors is Big Bud 747. It is a custom tractor built in Havre, Montana, in 1977, and is the world's largest tractor ever constructed. It cost around $300,000 back then, which equates to $1,129,788.66 in current US currency. It was built for the purpose of deep ripping, aka subsoiling - the process of digging deeper into the earth than just ploughing the top soil levels. It worked like that for 20 years, before being used for cultivating in 1997 for a few years. It now sits in Independence, Iowa, in the Heartland Acres Agribition centre.

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